eccElearning Spine Surgery Education Programme

World's first comprehensive online postgraduate education programme for spine specialists

The eccElearning Spine Surgery Education Programme is designed to meet the demands of today's trainee spine surgeons. Endorsed by European Spine Journal, it complements your clinical fellowship-level training. The Programme can be completed at your own pace, in as little as 12 months.

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Why study with eccElearning?


Study anywhere, at your own pace, to your schedule.


Lectures by internationally renowned surgeon faculty.


Save travel and accommodation costs of attending lectures.


CME credits awarded for each Lecture.

What is included in the Spine Surgery Education Programme?


Comprehensive online programme of 180 Lectures from 140 expert international faculty.


Eight live face-to-face events led by experts where knowledge learned online is applied to real cases.


Over 4000 downloadable references from Spine, The Spine Journal and European Spine Journal.


16 broadcast-quality structured anatomy and surgical access films, demonstrated in cadaver.

Surgical Skills Assessment

Candidates perform spine surgery, observed by a qualified spine surgeon.

Experience the future of spine surgery education!

Register for a free eccElearning account. Log in for more information and you can also try a FREE Demo Lecture and receive 3 CME Credits on successful completion. 

eccElearning Approach

eccElearning is the world’s first comprehensive, blended online postgraduate education programme in a medical sub-speciality - spine surgery.

The course is designed to meet the demands of today's trainee spine surgeon in terms of educational rigour, quality and innovation, as well as current expectations of convenience, flexibility and cost. Fill in text Fill in text Fill in text Fill in text

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eccElearning for Institutions

eccElearning’s background is in academic medical education and it is open to collaboration and partnership with academic and other appropriate institutions with the aim to improve the quality, cost and convenience of the education of spine surgeons.

There is a range of possibilities for eccElearning to tailor its platform or courses to an institution’s specific needs and requirements.

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Register for FREE!

Register and login to the platform for more information about the course, view overview pages for all 180 Lectures, as well as view pricing information and special offers. You can also activate a Demo Lecture - one full Lecture from our Spine Surgery Education Programme. Complete the Demo Lecture successfully to obtain 3 CME Credits.

News and Announcements

Online Spine Lectures now available separately
22 May 2018

You can now buy just one or two Lectures from our Programme of 180, or build your own mini-courses to suit your developing educational needs. You'll be able to dive deeply into a whole array of subjects such as Basic Science, Degenerative Disorders, Deformities, Fractures, Imaging, Tumors, Infections, Inflammation etc. and Revisions. Just log in to browse the Programme or go to 'Enrolment Options' to see the list.

The SSEP is now fully CME-Accredited
24 April 2018

We're pleased to announce that all online elements of our Spine Surgery Education Programme have been accredited by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME). There are now 540 CME Credits available across the Programme. CME Credits will be awarded to you for completing any one of the 180 Lectures, all 16 Surgical Videos or any Module Examination.

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eccElearning for Institutions

eccElearning encourages collaboration and partnership with universities, research institutes and learned societies.

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For more information about eccElearning, the courses we offer and the service we provide, please view our FAQs page.


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